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Family Fun Day at ISGH on Sat, April 7th @ 11:30AM

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Get ready for family fun day at ISGH on April 7th, 2018. Fun begins at 11:30AM InShaaAllah. All are invited and its free admission. All kids food is only a dollar. There are many games and activities planned for kids of all ages. Please join us and kindly spread the message.

Event: Family Fun Day
Date: Sat, April 7th
Time: 11:30AM – 5:00PM
Location: 407 N Front St, Steelton PA 17103


2018 Annual Dawah Cup – Winter Sports Schedule

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The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, commands us saying: “Teach your children swimming, archery and horse-riding.” This direct call to practice sports shows the great importance Islam places on sports in training the Muslims and making their bodies healthy and sound. Islam sanctions anything that is pure and beneficial for man. It encourages a Muslim to be strong and to seek the means of strength.

 In Shaa Allah, ISGH and the Central PA Youth Committee will be organizing multiple sports events this winter and would like to once again welcome all the teams for another season of volleyball, badminton, basketball and ping pong tournaments. This year we’ll also be organizing Soccer tournament for the youth and will be held at Yellow Beeches on Dec 23rd. For registration for all the tournaments, please click below.
Soccer Tournament (Youth-Age 12y-17y) – Dec 23rd, 1:30-6:00PM (Fee – $10 per kid – Reg Deadline – Dec 21st) Ping Pong Doubles Tournament (Adults) – Jan 6th and 7th (Fee – $10 per person – Reg Deadline – Jan 2nd) Ping Pong Singles Tournament (Adults) – Jan 13th and 14th (Fee – $15 per person – Reg Deadline – Jan 2nd) Volleyball Tournament (Adults)- Jan 20th (Fee $125 per team Reg Deadline – Jan 13th) Badminton Doubles (Adults) – Feb 17th – Mar 4th (Fee $20 per person – Reg Deadline – Feb 12th) Badminton Singles (Adults) – Mar 10th-Mar 18th (Fee $20 per person – Reg Deadline – Feb 12th)) Basketball Tournament (Youth) – Mar 24th – Apr 1st (Fee $50 per 5 member team – Reg Deadline -Mar18th) Free Ping Pong Camp for Kids Age 8-17yrs: 8 Week Camp – Begins Feb 13th Tuesdays 630PM-8PM. First 18Kids will be enrolled in the camp

Games will be held only on the weekends.

Please make sure to bring your kids to all your games as there will be halaqa and snacks served and special time allocated for kids practice during the course of the tournament.

Soccer Tournament – Youth

  • Start of the tournament: Dec 23rd, 2017
  • Registration Fee: $10 per kid
  • Registration Deadline: Dec 21st, 2017
  • Round Robin and Play offs

Ping Pong Tournament – Doubles

  •  Start of the tournament: Jan 6th and 7th, 2018
  •  Reg Fee – $10 per person
  • Reg Deadline – Jan 2nd

Ping Pong Tournament – Singles

  • Start of the tournament: Jan 13th and 14th, 2018
  • Reg Fee – $15 per person
  • Reg Deadline – Jan 2nd
 Volleyball Tournament
  • Start of the tournament: Jan 20th, 2018
  • Registration Fee: $125; Check payable to ISGH
  • Registration Deadline: Jan 13th, 2018
  • Round Robin and Play offs
  • Practice: Saturdays (anytime) or Sundays (2PM to 5PM) beginning next week.

 Badminton tournament -Doubles

  • Start of the tournament: Feb 17th to March 4th , 2018
  • Registration Fee: $20; Cash or Check payable to ISGH
  • Registration Deadline: Feb 12th
  • Round Robin and Play offs

Badminton tournament -Singles

  • Start of the tournament: March 10th to March 18th, 2018
  • Registration Fee: $20; Cash or Check payable to ISGH
  • Registration Deadline: Feb 12th

Basketball tournament

  • Start of the tournament: March 24th to April 1st, 2018
  • Registration Fee: $50; Cash or Check payable to ISGH
  • Registration Deadline: Mar 18th, 2018
  • Round Robin and Play offs
  • Age 12 and Up
  • Min – 5 Players

Ping Pong Camp/Tournament

  • Start of the camp: 12th Feb, 2018
  • Camp Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Age – 8-17yrs
  • Registration Fee: Free
  • Registration Deadline: Feb 2nd 2018
  • Contacts: Br. Haroon Rashid, Br. Shahbaz Malik, Br Adil Waheed, Dr Saleh Malik, Br Athar Aziz

Year End Fundraising Dinner on Sun, Dec 3rd @ 4:45PM In ShaaAllah

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Assalamu’ Alaikum,

We would like to cordially invite all the Central PA families to our year end Fundraising dinner at ISGH (Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg) on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 at 4:45PM, In Shaa Allah.

These donations will go in supporting Hifz/Cyber/Evening School and towards maintaining our large complex so, we strongly encourage you to attend and donate.

Your participation is very important to us in making this fundraiser successful, and we look forward to see you there and helping us in our efforts.

A special session is also being organized for the youth with the speaker before the main event, so, please come early and learn directly from the shaikh.

Event: ISGH Year End Fundraising Dinner

Topic: “Mastering Both Worlds”

Keynote Speaker: Imam Mohammad ElShinawy (Bio listed below)

Place: 407 N Front St, Steelton, PA 17113

Date: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2017 at 4:45PM

Tickets: Free Entry

All the tax donations to ISGH are tax deductible.   Those who cannot attend please click on the following link to donate Donate To ISGH . For any queries please e-mail   Please pass this information to all those you think would be interested.

Bio of Keynote Speaker

Research Fellow at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. Religious Director at the Islamic Education Center of Pennsylvania in Allentown, PA. Graduate of English Literature and currently completing his Bachelors at Mishkah University.


eMgage – Pennsylvania Candidate Forum on Sat, 10/28 at 5PM

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The Central PA chapter of eMgage USA is hosting a candidates forum on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the premises of ISGH located at 407 N Front St, Steelton, PA 17113.

Various distinguished candidates running for statewide and local judicial office will be present at the event. It will  be an excellent opportunity to hear first-hand from these candidates. As we know, every election is critically important and these candidates, many of whom will be elected this November; will make decisions at both the local and state level that could potentially have lasting impact on our lives.

eMgage USA is a nonpartisan organization that seeks to educate, engage and empower American Muslim communities through educational events, voter initiatives, and leadership development for the purpose of creating a community of equitable, knowledgeable, and motivated citizens.

Please attend this event which will help us be a more informed society.

Central PA eMgage


CAIR Workshop on Civil Rights and Civic Engagement on Sat, Oct 14th at 1PM In ShaaAllah

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Please join us tomorrow at ISGH for a community CAIR workshop..Event begins at Duhr IA. CAIR leaders will be onsite and will talk about civil rights and civil engagement activities.. Pizza and drinks will be served IA. This workshop is for you so, please do not miss this opportunity..Also, please pass on to everyone that you know of..

JazakumuAllahu Khairan


Eid Welcoming Dinner and Fundraising for Rohingya Families on Sat, Sept 16th After Maghrib In ShaaAllah

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Please join us for Eid Welcoming Dinner and Fundraising for the Rohingya Muslims this Saturday, September 16th, following Maghrib prayers, In Shaa Allah. Everyone is invited to this free event, open to the community and their families. Alhumdulillah, many people had the opportunity to go to Hajj this year so please attend and welcome the new Hajis from our community. This will also be a great opportunity to donate towards our Muslim families in Burma. Our Guest speaker for the event is Shaikh Ayman Aishat from Helping Hand and will be flying in all the way from Dallas, TX InShaaAllah.
Speaker Bio: Imam Ayman Aishat is a motivational speaker and Khateeb across the nation. He is a board member of the Muslim Legal Fund of America and Al-Huda University. He is a former member Board of Trustees for Muslim American Society (MAS). He is originally from Jordan and lives in Unites States since 1989. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Telecommunication Engineering and is a PhD Candidate in Islamic Studies.


Eid-ul Adha Salah on Friday, September 1st @ ISGH @ 8:30AM, In ShaaAllah

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InShaaAllah, Eid-ul-Adha prayer this year will be held on Friday, September 1st @ 8:30AM, and will be held @ Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg (ISGH). We highly recommend everyone make an effort to arrive promptly at ISGH at least an half hour before the Salah, enough time to find parking and be in the Masjid on time. Arrangements are being made in gymnasium for the sisters to pray. Please bring a prayer rug if possible.

The Day of Arafah will be Thursday, August 31st, 2017. For the details on the virtues for the first ten days of Dhul Hijja and the rest of the month as well as Youmul Arafah, please visit:

Eid Sunnah
• Use two alternate routes to and from the Masjid
• Enjoy breakfast after Eid prayers
• Slaughter the animal after the Eid prayers

Following Eid Salah, there will be a light breakfast available. Please bring a covered dish to share with fellow Muslims if possible.

Parking is available in the ISGH complex and on the streets. Additional parking space is currently being arranged at the Advanced Auto Parts store just across the street. We recommend that you please follow volunteer’s instruction for parking and encourage anyone to consider carpooling as necessary.

Eid & Welcoming Dinner for Hajjis
ISGH Eid Dinner will be held on Saturday, September 16th, following Maghrib prayers, In Shaa Allah. We request everyone to attend as it is a free event open to the community. This will also serve as a welcoming event for those who went to Hajj this year. We highly advice the community holding any big gathering this day.

Jazakallah Khair
ISGH Council


ICNA Relief’s Back2School Giveaway on Sat, Aug 19th @ ISGH In ShaaAllah

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ICNA Relief’s Annual Back2School Giveaway will be held on Sat, August 19th at 1:30PM in front of ISGH complex, In ShaaAllah. As part of the event, we’ll be distributing Backpacks and supplies to the needy families. We need volunteers to organize and distribute backpacks this year. We sincerely thank the youth that came and helped us last year. May Allah reward them immensely. We welcome adults and kids to help with this Back to School campaign. Snacks will be served, In ShaaAllah. Please help spread the word and request the potential families to make use of this event.

We are also soliciting donations/sponsors to cover the backpacks and the supplies. Any difference you can make in kids education will be appreciated. Each bag cost around $15 and if you would like to sponsor (any number of bags), kindly contact one of the brothers listed on the flyer. Checks can also be made to ICNA Relief USA.


14th Annual Muslim Day on Sat, July 1st 207 @ 2PM in Adam Ricci Park

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Alhumdulillah, once again Islamic Centers of Greater Harrisburg area will be coming together to organize unique and very popular Annual Muslim Day event on Saturday, 1st July, 2017 between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM. The purpose of this event is to unite the community by providing a day of happiness and fun in an Islamic safe environment. This event surely strengthens our community spirit and demonstrates our unity; and above all our children will really enjoy the event! We will have variety of food, sports fun- filled activities for kids, & much more for everyone, In Shaa Allah. It’s a free event so, come along with your family and friends and be the part of the largest gathering of Muslims in Central Pennsylvania.

Date: Saturday, July 1st 2017

Time: 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: Adams-Ricci Community Park, 100 East Penn Drive, Enola, PA 17025

Pavilions: East Enola (for brothers) and Midway (for sisters)

Sponsored by: Islamic Centers of Greater Harrisburg Area.

Dawah Cup Trophy Distribution – 3PM

Entry is free and there is free onsite car parking available.

In Sha Allah Dhuhr salah will be offered with Jama’h and will be offered @ 2PM so, request everyone to attend.

Barbecue Chicken will be provided. ***Everyone is requested to bring at least one cooked item in two trays (one for each pavilion) and 2 packs of soda cans or 2 soda bottles.

*** ~~~~NOTE: Islamic dress code must be observed.~~~~~~

For more information please contact management of nearest Islamic center. Anyone who would like to volunteer their services for this event is warmly welcome.

For Directions: From I81 Exit 61 (old exit #20) the Wertzville Road Exit, Take Wertzville Road PA Route 944 East. Go through the traffic light at East Penn Drive. Turn Right; go to the next traffic light Magaro Road. Turn right, and then turn left into the park. From I81 Exit 65 (old exit #21) Marysville/Enola, Take US 11/15 south towards Enola. Turn right at the first traffic light onto Valley Street. Follow Valley Street 1.7 miles to Salt Road. Turn left onto Salt Road. Salt Road changes to East Penn Drive. Follow East Penn Drive to the second traffic light. Turn Right onto Magaro Road, and then turn left into the park




Eid Mubarak – Eid Salah on Sun, June 25th at Farm Show Complex In ShaaAllah

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Based on mutliple global moon sightings in and around the world, Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow and the prayers will be held at 9:30AM on Sunday, June 25th at Farm Show Complex, In Shaa Allah. This year ISGH will be having a United Eid In ShaaAllah.

When: June 25th or Mon, June 26th

Takbeerat Begins: 9:00AM

Eid Salah Begins:  9:30 AM

Place: Farm Show Complex, Main Hall, 2300 North Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA

Please bring a prayer rug if possible and also, please try your best to perform wudu before you start.

Disposable plastic bags will be provided for securing your shoes during the salah, In ShaaAllah.


  • Free Parking is available in the Farm show complex. Use McLay St entrance to enter the Farm show complex and to avail free parking. You may be charged if you enter from the HACC side entrance.
  • Enter into the prayer hall through either one of the entrances towards Maclay Street.
  • Use the Maclay Street entrance for parking.
  • Follow the direction of the parking volunteers.
  • Please park your cars responsibly as parking is limited.


  • No outside food is allowed inside the complex

Eid Sunnah:

  • Fitrana is $8 per person and it is important that you pay your Fitrana at the masjid before Eid Salah
  • Have breakfast before leaving for Eid-ul-Fitr prayers
  • Use two separate routes to and from the Masjid
  • Recite the following Takbir on the way to Salah and until the beginning of Salat-al-Eid

Allaho Akbar, Allaho Akbar. La ila ha illlallah. Allaho Akbar, Allaho Akbar. Wa lilahill hamd.


Farm show Security guards will be securing the perimeter of the building and parking lot. They will not be posted at our event but will however be walking through periodically. In addition to the above we’re hiring 4 security personnel for the event and will be posted at the entrance and inside the complex In ShaaAllah. Considering the recent anti-Muslim incidents within and outside US, CAIR urges everyone to review the advice on security procedures contained in CAIR’s “Muslims Community Safety Kit”. This kit was developed to better equip the community with the knowledge necessary to protect against the anti-Muslim bigotry or attacks and to secure basic rights.

Annual Muslim Day (Central PA Picnic):

Eid celebrations or Annual Muslim Day will be held at Adam Ricci Park on SaturdayJuly 1st, beginning 12PM, In Shaa Allah. This event is being sponsored by all local Islamic centers. For additional details, please contact your Islamic Center.

Address: Adams-Ricci Park, 100 East Penn Drive, Enola, PA 17025
For additional information, please call (717) 417-8018.

Jazakallahu Khairan

ISGH Council

Funeral Contacts for Harrisburg

Funeral Contacts for Harrisburg Area

An-Noor -Dr Noor- (717) 571-4190 -Abdul Raheem- (717) 395-6919

As-Sabreen -Abdul Khader- (717) 395-4876 -Ilyas- (717) 329-4904

B&H Center -Sabith Sisic- (717) 439-1010 -Damir Biscic- (717) 691-8494

ICPA -Waseem Khan- (973) 288-3500 -Mehmood Jawhar- (717) 608-5532

ISGH -Rizwan Moosa- (717) 480-0416 -Md.Siraj (717) 805-1973 -Ziauddin (717) 608-9409

Peace Center-Carlisle - Akbar Viramani- (717) 448-4082 - Abdul Raheem- (717) 395-6919

ISGH Member’s Directory

It only takes a few minutes for you to fill insha'Allah and would greatly help us communicate with you better regarding ISGH and Community matters. Shukran for your support and understanding.

ISGH Member's Directory

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