To provide Islamic teachings and values to Muslims and inform non-Muslims about Islam and Muslims.


  • Provide Islamic education to Muslim children and adults
  • Promote brotherhood amongst Muslims
  • Maintain facilities for Islamic activities
  • Create a better understanding of Islam among non-Muslims and Muslims through lectures, discussions and presentations
  • Provide research facilities about Islam, Muslim culture & civilization
  • Arrange lectures and workshops by eminent scholars from other areas
  • Establish Zakat system to help poor and needy


  • Equality, fairness and responsibility
  • Opportunity for everyone to participate in the society
  • Strict policy of non-discrimination
  • Openness


To conduct the affairs of the society a council is elected every two years by the members.

Programs & Facilities:

  • Islamic school for children every Sunday, teaching Qur’an, Hadith and Seera
  • Tafseer, fiqa and other topics for adults on Sunday
  • Regular taraveeh during Ramadan with Qur’an recitation completed
  • Marriage, funeral and other facilities for every Muslim
  • Information like salat time table, Hijra Calendar, directory of Muslims
  • Functions like Eid prayers, important Islamic occasions, picnic etc
  • Workshops, lectures in churches and schools for non-Muslims
  • Financial and other assistance to Muslims

Funeral Contacts for Harrisburg

Funeral Contacts for Harrisburg Area

An-Noor -Dr Noor- (717) 571-4190 -Abdul Raheem- (717) 395-6919

As-Sabreen -Abdul Khader- (717) 395-4876 -Ilyas- (717) 329-4904

B&H Center -Sabith Sisic- (717) 439-1010 -Damir Biscic- (717) 691-8494

ICPA -Waseem Khan- (973) 288-3500 -Mehmood Jawhar- (717) 608-5532

ISGH -Rizwan Moosa- (717) 480-0416 -Md.Siraj (717) 805-1973 -Ziauddin (717) 608-9409

Peace Center-Carlisle - Akbar Viramani- (717) 448-4082 - Abdul Raheem- (717) 395-6919

ISGH Member’s Directory

It only takes a few minutes for you to fill insha'Allah and would greatly help us communicate with you better regarding ISGH and Community matters. Shukran for your support and understanding.

ISGH Member's Directory

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Donate to your Masjid

Please help us run the Masjid activities by donating as much as you can, Shukran and may Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) reward you for supporting his Masjid!

You can use the "Donate" button below to donate by PayPal. You can also donate by check. Please send in your checks to,

P.O. BOX 7436

Please make checks payable to "Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg"

Since ISGH is a non-profit organization you can use the Tax ID 23-2048356 to deduct your donations when you file your taxes.


Prayer Times


Speech/Khutbah – 1:20 PM
Salah - 1:45 PM


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